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CloudSkiff - driftctl


Project description

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driftctl is an Open Source CLI that will warn of infrastructure drifts.

We track coverage for unit tests, why not infrastructure as code coverage? - driftctl

What can do driftctl?

  • Scan cloud provider and map resources with IaC code
  • Analyze diffs, and warn about drift and unwanted unmanaged resources
  • Schedule checks (CI/CD)

Here is an example output of the scan command which reads a Terraform input and compare it with the current profile infrastructure.

Found missing resources:
- driftctl-bucket-test-2
Found resources not covered by IaC:
- driftctl-bucket-test-3
Found changed resources:
- driftctl-bucket-test-1 (aws_s3_bucket):
~ Versioning.0.Enabled: false => true
Found 3 resource(s)
- 33% coverage
- 1 covered by IaC
- 1 not covered by IaC
- 1 missing on cloud provider
- 1/1 changed outside of IaC

For more information about driftctl you can find it here.